Original Album Coming Soon!

Toronto's emerging artist Elena Levy strives to make her music personal. She writes about the hardships of growing up and emotes the feelings that come with distinguishing fairytales from reality. Her voice is bright and dynamic and builds her own unique sound by blending the styles of her inspirations, Alessia Cara, Taylor Swift, and Tori Kelly. Elena had recently taken time to write new music, turning to her piano and past experiences to produce several songs that tell a story of an individual who lets the world change her. Now reflecting on her past, she mourns the person she once was; an innocent girl longing for her "happily ever after". Her two singles On Me and Glass Box will uncover the story's beginning, touching on discovering self-worth, gaslighting, and the struggle of having to pull yourself out of a dark place, despite the strange urge to stay there. Elena is excited to share more of her music, in hopes that listeners find themselves in her lyrics.